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Frequently Asked Questions: Humidor Setup


1. Unpack humidor.
Inspect carefully and keep packaging materials in case you find a defect.

2. Read enclosed instructions.
At this point you must decide whether to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or follow our humidor setup guidelines: we recommend the latter or a hybrid approach.

3. Attach humidifier and hygrometer.
Humidors with a wood lid usually include a hanging mechanism for humidifiers and/or hygrometers, i.e. magnets or velcro. The manufacturer provided adhesive on these tends to be the weakest link of the mechanism(s). Here are a few tips to help them function properly. Always stick the fasteners to a dry surface. Allow the fasteners to adhere to the dry surface for 24 hours before hanging anything on them. Feel free to use a higher grade of fastener like industrial Velcro or a stronger glue. If you use glue, be sure to allow fumes to dissipate before closing the lid.

4. Glass top humidors may have a non-adhesive rubber gasket to affix the hygrometer. Be sure to press the edges of the hygrometer when inserting it so you don’t break the glass. The humidifier usually comes with a stand so adhesive is not necessary.

5. Once humidifiers and hygrometers are securely fastened you can begin humidifying the box. DO NOT WIPE THE INSIDE OF THE BOX WITH WATER!!!!! This can cause the wood to become hyper-saturated, expand, and damage the joints or seal of the box*. Instead, fill the humidifier with distilled water every day for the first week until you reach the desired humidity (68-72%). This will allow the wood to absorb moisture slowly. This process is often referred to as "seasoning", not because spices or flavors are added, but because the humidor's environment is acclimated to suit the cigars.

6. Once you have reached your optimal humidity, the humidor is ready for cigars. The humidifier should be refilled every 2-3 weeks or as needed to maintain proper humidity.

HOT TIP: Remember that humidifiers hanging from the top of the box will dissipate moisture downward, with the help of gravity. Hygrometer readings at the top of the humidor may not reflect humidity conditions at the bottom of the box. Use your hands to check the condition of your cigars regularly. If needed, rotate your collection or tweak the location of your humidifier to achieve optimal results.

*Many manufacturers and Tobacconists may suggest you 'wipe down' the inside of your humidor with a clean sponge and distilled water. This helps expedite the seasoning (water absorption) proces; but it also increases the likelihood that the wood will saturate too quickly and damage the joints and/or lid. TU always recommends the slower, more patient approach of allowing the wood to absorb water naturally. This is often a difficult 'sell' to customers who want to fill their humidors immediately; but, like great cigars, certain things should not be rushed. Not saturating/sponging is the safest approach.

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