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Frequently Asked Questions: Cigar Wrapper Colors

In the U.S. market, the two most general classifications for wrappers are Natural and Maduro. Natural wrappers can range in color from Claro to Colorado Rosado, while Maduro wrappers come in a variety of darker shades.

Other Wrapper Color Terminology

English Market Selection (EMS)
This terminology refers to cigars which are a light to medium brown.

In its most limited sense, the term Maduro can simply refer to a dark or black wrapper color - these color wrappers can result from late primings or stalk-cutting broadleaf tobaccos. But, a true Maduro will have a wrapper which has undergone longer and/or more intense (higher temperature) fermentation that produces a richer, earthier, and sweeter flavor.

A term used to describe light brown to brown wrapper color.

A Spanish term meaning "reddish", it refers to cigar wrappers that have a brown-red tint.
Cigar Wrapper Color

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