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Academic Curriculum: Foreword

Tobacconist University® is the ultimate free educational resource and certification organization for the luxury tobacco industry. While we are an independent institution, we also function as the IPCPR's Official Curriculum Resource for professional tobacconists. As a University, it is our mandate to chronicle and teach the history and traditions of our industry. We pride ourselves on our academic curriculum, which is an open-source model where credible tobacconists contribute content, direction, and wisdom. We provide free education for consumers and professionals through the four Colleges that comprise Tobacconist University: Tobacco, Accoutrements, Taste, and Service College. In addition, our FAQ section provides much of the information and solutions that retail Tobacconists have been dispensing for hundreds of years: for your smoking pleasure.

We make no attempt to quantify or judge the subjective aspects of taste within the context of this course. We believe that the best cigar or pipe tobacco in the world is your favorite. We assert that your passion for tobacco is a natural luxury which is rooted in great traditions and history. The moderate consumption of luxury tobacco is a healthy and enlightened human pleasure.

The majority of tobacco users may have no interest in the material presented herein. Most mass-produced, sub-premium tobacco products require no study. These products are made from inferior raw materials and most use additives and chemicals to 'enhance' or homogenize the products. In addition, little care is taken to maximize the organoleptic qualities of these tobaccos. Arguably, many of these non-luxury products are merely engineered nicotine delivery systems (i.e. many commercial cigarettes).

Fortunately, connoisseurs of fine tobaccos understand that cigar quality varies as much as wine and food. There is a world of difference between a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 wine and a Bordeaux from Chateau Lafite-Rothschild. The same chasm seperates a Garcia Vega cigar (machine made with 're-constituted' and homogenized tobacco) from a Padrón Anniversary Exclusivo. Similarly, the painstaking craftsmanship required to make an extraordinary pipe is comparable to the skills needed to produce exquisite furniture, jewelry, and art.

Ultimately, much could be learned from the history of wine and viticulture. Respect for time, integrity, commitment to quality, the synergy of art and science, and an appreciation for life’s finer pleasures have brought the wine industry enormous respect and admiration. That same esteem has proved elusive for the luxury tobacco industry in contemporary society.

A deeper understanding of luxury tobacco will show that great pipe and cigar makers are artists and craftsmen who carry on traditions that enrich both culture and the human spirit.


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