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Frequently Asked Questions: Cigar Re-Lighting

It is common for cigars to lose their combustion while being smoked. Proper re-lighting takes a little finesse to preserve the cigar’s organoleptic qualities.


Cigars can "go out" or lose combustion due to slow smoking, excessive humidity, or inattentiveness.


As a cigar burns it transforms tobacco to ash, and in the middle of that process exists char: the partially scorched, pre-ash remnants of tobacco. The problem with re-lighting a cigar is the char; because it tastes bitter and acrid. Before re-lighting a cigar, an effort should be made to remove the ash and char. This can be done by gently rolling the foot of the cigar between your fingers and allowing the char to fall out. The other alternative is to cut the cigar just behind the charred area and start again. It is important to note that relighting the cigar may require a heavier application of flame than the initial light. In addition, it may take some time for the flavor of the cigar to stabilize and become pleasurable again.
Re-Lighting A Cigar

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