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Frequently Asked Questions: Uneven Light

Uneven LightAn uneven light means the foot of the cigar has not been completely and evenly lit. This condition can cause the cigar to burn irregularly, which will result in an unintended flavor profile.


Carelessness, wind, and/or construction problems.


An uneven light should be corrected quickly to minimize the negative effects. The cigar burn can be corrected by re-applying a flame to the unlit tobacco, and puffing on the cigar.

Certified R&D Tobacconists: United States

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Tabetha Bryant, CRT Old Virginia Tobacco Co.
Arlington, VA - United States
(703) 415-5554
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James Herndon, CRT The Man Cave Cigar and Tobacco Lounge
League City, TX - United States
(281) 549-6761
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Graymond Martin, CRT Mayan Import Company
New Orleans, LA - United States
(504) 269-9000
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