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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Cigar Lighting

Evenly lighting the foot is the most critical part of cigar lighting. If a cigar is not lit evenly, it will not burn or taste properly. The best cigar lighting technique involves bringing the flame to the tobacco by gently drawing air through the cigar (a.k.a. puffing). While puffing, the cigar should be rotated over the flame to ensure the foot is evenly lit, without being charred.

Lighting Tips...

  • Remove cellophane and any cedar or ribbons around the foot of the cigar.
  • Cut the cigar properly.
  • When using a match, allow the sulfur/chemicals to burn off the match head before taking the flame to the tobacco.
  • Hold the flame slightly off of the tobacco. Flame = 1/8 of an inch | Torch = 1/2 inch.
  • Rotate the cigar to evenly light the foot.
  • Puff on the cigar in order to draw the flame to the foot.

  • Light or char the outside of the wrapper.
  • Use a candle or liquid fuel lighter to light the cigar.
  • Light the head.
  • Lick the cigar: that is disgusting to watch and unnecessary if the cigar is properly humidified. The habit of licking a cigar was popular in the early 1900’s when proper humidity was more uncommon: low humidity may cause a wrapper to unravel.

Cigar Toasting & Lighting

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Ryan Hanlon, CRT Mayan Import Company
New Orleans, LA - United States
(540) 568-1003
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Jorge Ahued, CRT Stogies World Class Cigars
Houston, TX - United States
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Phillip Ledbetter, CRT Up Down Cigar
Chicago, IL - United States
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