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Frequently Asked Questions: Canoeing

Uneven LightCanoeing is easily recognized by the burning of ONE side of the cigar. Similar to a hollowed-out canoe, a canoeing cigar leaves one side of the cigar un-scathed.


A common cause of canoeing is improper rolling, which results in tight filler on one side and loose filler tobacco on the other. Canoeing can also be facilitated by NOT lighting the cigar foot evenly. An unbalanced light can result in an unbalanced burn rate. Another cause for canoeing could be a localized draft or wind blowing on the cigar; such as an air vent in a car or having the window slightly open while smoking and driving.


The best remedy for canoeing is to identify it and combat it early on. One potential remedy is to cut the cigar just behind the problem area and start again. Another solution is to burn the wrapper and filler of the side that is NOT lit. This technique may produce a charred or uneven flavor and it will take some time for the cigar flavor to balance out. While less than ideal, this technique can help the cigar “catch up” with itself, and with a little luck the burn rate will even out.

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Sacramento, CA - United States
(916) 929-8965
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Ryan Burke, CRT Twins Smoke Shop
Londonderry, NH - United States
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