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Accoutrements College

Accoutrements College: Cigar Preservation


Cigars are best kept in low light or dark conditions. Overexposure to direct or indirect light will damage and fade cigar wrappers and encourage oil evaporation. In addition, light can create heat which will further damage the cigars. For these reasons, it is important to place your humidor away from direct sunlight where temperatures are as stable as possible.

Cigar Preservation Tray

Humidor Set-up     Tobacco Beetle

Certified R&D Tobacconists: United States

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Thomas Brown, CRT Stag Tobacconist (Stag of Colorado Ltd.)
Colorado Springs, CO - United States
(719) 633-0669
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Michael Jackson, CRT Old Virginia Tobacco Co.
Woodbridge, VA - United States
(703) 492-2260
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Sean Jemison, CRT Mayan Import Company
New Orleans, LA - United States
(504) 269-9000
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