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Code of Ethics & Standards

Code of Ethics & Standards: Certified Salesforce Tobacconist

1. Successful Completion of the Academic Curriculum (Read More)

Completion of Academic Curriculum: Including TOBACCO, ACCOUTREMENTS, TASTE, & SERVICE COLLEGE, and the Final Exam. CST candidates must score at least 90% on the Final Exam to earn TU Certification. In addition, candidates should complete a minimum of 50 hours of work experience through with a TU Certified Retailer.

2. Commitment to Perpetual Product Education (Read More)

Commitment to Perpetual Product Education: In the pursuit of excellence, learning never ends. TU Certified Tobacconists are required to stay abreast of to-bacco technology and product developments. Reading relevant trade journals, catalogs, and TU newsletter up-dates is essential to maintaining the standards of TU Certification. More importantly, TU Certified Salesforce Tobacconists must know the origins, components, techniques employed, and distinctive attributes of the products they sell. In addition, an intimate knowledge of your own products must be complimented with a thorough understanding of your competitors.

3. Customer Commitment (Read More)

Tobacconist's Credo: "The duty of every Tobacconist is to be your guide through the myriad of tobacco products and brands that exist throughout the world today. Our job is to share our knowledge and opinions with you so that you can make informed decisions when choosing cigars, pipes, Tobaccos, and related accoutrements. Our highest priority is to make your smoking experience one of complete satisfaction and pure relaxation."

Duty: Much is expected of Tobacconists, since they have the distinct privilege of combing their work with their passions. Therefore, it is the duty of every Tobacconist to serve customers as they themselves would like to be served, or better.

Aspiration: A professional Tobacconist must possess extraordinary knowledge and character to earn the respect of discerning clientele. Credibility is earned daily, one well-served customer at a time. One of a Tobacconist’s greatest accomplishments is guiding a customer to a new experience, sensation, or a higher level of appreciation.

Opening the doors of discovery and pleasure for our customers, and exceeding their expectations, is the ultimate Tobacconist aspiration.

Individual Attention: TU Certification standards reflect a commitment to honor every customer with individual and thoughtful attention. Great Tobacconists must avoid complacency and remember that we are custodians of traditions and products which deserve our most diligent efforts. Every customer has a different budget, need, taste, and/or desire. Certified Salesforce Tobacconists must strive to listen and understand the needs and challenges faced by retailers, in order to meet or exceed their expectations. There is no generic approach to service that will compensate for individual attention. Ultimately, the retail Tobacconist and customer is the industry’s greatest priority: his/her satisfaction is our only worthy ambition.

Sharing: While aesthetics are important, the true qualities of luxury tobacco products can only be known through con-sumption. Since taste preferences are subjective and varied, TU Certified Salesforce Tobacconists must share samples with tobacconists and their customers. Sharing is the catalyst and foundation for all great luxury tobac-co relationships.

Courtesy & Kindness: Certainly, Courtesy & Kindness are good values to live by, but they are also the foundation of TU Certified To-bacconist values. Tobacco shops can seem intimidating or inclusive to the uninitiated, so it is imperative to overtly express our values with everything from body language to "Hello", "Please", "Thank You". Certified Salesforce Tobacconists must be considerate of their retailers needs and challenges. A CST understands the im-portance of scheduling visits, providing samples, and assisting on the sales floor in any way possible. Common courtesy is not so common anymore, but TU Certified Tobacconists are unremittingly courteous and kind.

Professionalism: Tobacconists are the final point of contact for luxury Tobacco products, before they end up in the hands of lov-ing consumers. All of the traditions, values, and heartfelt contributions of cigar makers, artists, and craftsmen are curated by professional tobacconists. It is the duty of every TU Certified Tobacconist to consummate the relationship with the consumer with professionalism and integrity.

4. Lead with Substance and Quality (Read More)

TU Certification is predicated on substantive knowledge and expertise; the products we sell must reflect these same values. In the long term, ornate packaging, giveaway promotions, and aggressive marketing will always be secondary to great products and service.

We believe in the old adage that quality speaks for itself, and putting quality first is the same as putting the customer first.

5. Trust (Read More)

Trust: Trust is the cornerstone of tobacconist credibility. Trust is earned through honest and diligent efforts, not once, but consistently, over long periods of time. In general, consumers and retailers are wary of salespeople, market-ing, and unsubstantiated verbage. TU Certified Salesforce Tobacconists earn the Trust of retailers while devel-oping a mutually beneficial relationship. This bond is the foundation of every great brand and business relation-ship.

Respect & Fairness: Treat colleagues, competitors, and customers with respect, fairness, and good faith. Advocate values and condi-tions that safeguard the rights and welfare of all consumers to ensure that Tobacconist Honor is always upheld. Out of our commitment to Respect & Fairness, the duty of a TU Certified Salesforce Tobacconist is to reward retailers who uphold the highest standards in our industry. We believe in developing a meritocracy; where ad-vancement and promotion is based on substantive achievement that is not measured in dollars.

6. Duty to package, transport, and protect all products (Read More)

At the moment of consummation, when a consumer takes possession of a well conditioned cigar, pipe, tobacco, or accoutrement from a professional Tobacconist, they must be confident that the products have been properly maintained. Any faltering of responsibility along the chain of possession can spoil a luxury tobacco product and damage the reputation of a brand. Even worse, improper handling of luxury tobacco can ruin the Tobacconist’s relationship with their customer. A CST must deliver their products and samples to retailers in perfect condition. Every consumer deserves the opportunity to smoke and enjoy a perfectly preserved product.

7. Commitment to be a passionate and educated ambassador (Read More)

Finally, you are committed to be the most professional and educated ambassador for this venerable industry and its traditions.

Tobacconist Tip
Over the centuries, and long before the Twenty-first Century, taxation imprisonment, spiritual condemnation, and physical mutilation were all used as punishment for tobacco users.


Certfied Consumer Tobacconist (CCT)
Certified Retail Tobacconist (CRT)
Certified Salesforce Tobacconist (CST)
Certified Master Tobacconist (CMT)
Certified Cigar Sommelier Tobacconist (CCST)

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