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The CCST degree is designed to serve the hospitality industry, including fine dining establishments, golf/country clubs, casino lounges, and wine/liquor/cocktail bars and stores. The curriculum and final exam is specially tailored to meet the service needs of these businesses and customers. This professional certification is only available to employees/customers of participating CCST companies. Click here to learn more about the CCST program.


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Certified Cigar Sommelier Tobacconists

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Bossman Cigar Lounge - CCST

Cigar-x - CCST

Chaloners and Co. - CCST


Whiskey Culture - CCST

Suero Cigars - CCST

Cigar Trappings - CCST

Bobby Dixon PR - CCST

Tobacco Business Magazine - CCST

Rock Paper Cigars - CCST

HERficionado - CCST

Humidor Hounds, LLC - CCST

Patrick Glenwright - CCST

The Balvenie - CCST

Karma Cigar Bar - CCST

Joy Littleton - CCST

Calada Cigar Services and Essentials - CCST

TLCS Consulting - CCST

YBE Tobacco Group, LLC - CCST

Giacobetti - CCST

KAPNOS cigar bar - CCST

Detroit Athletic Club - CCST

The Cigar Team - CCST

ProPalate - CCST

Kristjan Johnson - CCST

CT Cigar Team - CCST

The Rooster Smokehouse LLC - CCST

Vector 3 Entertainment - CCST

Spurgeons Cigars - CCST

Rafael Management - CCST

Wine and Spirits Retail Marketing - CCST

Fat Lion Cigars - CCST

JMG International, Inc - CCST


Havana Cigar Lounge - CCST

Cigar Central - CCST

LA Aficionados - CCST


Rigby’s Cigars - CCST

Perfect Draw Cigar Lounge - CCST

Bon Vie Mobile Cigar Lounge, LLC - CCST

Darwin Darling - CCST

Tasting Smoke - CCST

Toro - CCST

High End Cigars - CCST

Cigar Memories - CCST

Tobacconist University - CCST

Jonathan Marks - CCST

Jess Peters - CCST

Cigar Group LLC - CCST

Joe Rand - CCST

Honchettes and Company - CCST

Paps Cigar Co - CCST

Platinum Cigar Company - CCST

Paragon Insurance Services - CCST

King George Hotel - CCST

The Dog House Cigar Bar - CCST

Leanne Stewart - CCST


Safire Cigars - CCST

VelocityCigarReview - CCST

Tribe Cigar and Tobacco - CCST

Hugo Enterprises, LLC - CCST

Soho Cigar Bar - CCST

La Cubana Cigar and Wine Lounge - CCST

Walter Blackburn - CCST

Concierge Cigars, LLC - CCST

Danos Cigar Lounge LLC - CCST

Tobacco House - CCST

Leafemme - CCST

Todd Zisholtz MD - CCST

Daniel H Engel Jr - CCST

Pure Stogie Smoke - CCST

Legendarysmok - CCST

La Femme Cigare - CCST

The Cigar and Scotch co - CCST

Nicholas Olson - CCST

Mesa Cigar Lounge - CCST


Wordens Market - CCST

Blanc a Rouge - CCST

OS Wine Pub - CCST

Soho House - CCST

Liquid Vessel - CCST

Cape Fear Cigar Experience, LLC - CCST

Reserve Cigar Company, LLC - CCST

Finest Hour Cigars - CCST

The Bespoke Company - CCST

Anuj Inc. - CCST

Casa de Puros - CCST

Jack and Sadies Cigar Lounge - CCST

CigarSmokingChick - CCST


BLEND Bar with Davidoff Cigars - CCST

Wilson Choi - CCST

Hidden Gem Cigars - CCST

Cigars on the Boulevard - CCST

Plume Cigar Lounge - CCST

Thankful Burt - CCST

Brandon T. Denton, MBA - CCST

Ambassador Cigars and Spirits - CCST


The George and Dragon British Pub LLC - CCST

Brown Forman - CCST

Out of the smoke (mobile cigar lounge) - CCST

Evolution Hospitality - CCST

Bohemian Cigar Chic - CCST

For The Love Of Cigars - CCST

Talking Stick Resort - CCST

Vintage Cigar Lounge - CCST

Anita Sutton - CCST

Studio Cigar Lounge - CCST

Leaf and Grape - CCST

BloodSweatAndCigars LLC - CCST

Marcellas Fine Cigars and Tobaccos - CCST

Good Smoke LLC - CCST

Hotel Grande Bretagne - CCST

The Vintage Whiskey and Cigar Bar - CCST

Gotham Cigar Enthusiasts - CCST

Red Phone Booth - CCST

Scotland Yard Cigar and Spirits LLC - CCST

Wendy D. Dunn Wine Education - CCST


John Lloyd - CCST

Cultured Cigar Concierge - CCST

The Lyceum - CCST

Silverback Cigar Crew - CCST


Tobacco Road Lounge - CCST

Shu Fai Li - CCST

Cross Palate - CCST

Fayas Cigars - CCST

William Penoyer - CCST

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Tobacconist Tip
Anybody can say they are a sommelier, certified, or a master at something, but these are empty words and titles without verifiable standards.  Beware of self-appointed gurus and legends in your pursuit of knowledge: always verify credentials and facts.  

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