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This is your personalized educational curriculum, designed to help you provide extraordinary professional service to your cigar customers. Through Retail School, Cigar Fundamentals, and Pairing School, you will be guided through the Tobacconist University (TU) Academic Curriculum. You will study parts of Tobacco, Accoutrements, Taste, and Service College, the TU FAQ, glossary, and specialized curriculum for your profession.

Step 1: Sign Up To Be A CCST so your name and store are listed and promoted by TU. Click on the Sign Up To Be A CCST button and accept the Code of Ethics & Standards and provide your personal information: we will need an active email to certify you and maintain your certification.

Step 2: Study at your own pace by clicking on Retail School, Cigar Fundamentals, and Pairing School. Your curriculum is approximately the same amount of information as reading a 75 page book (not including the videos and re-reading).

Step 3: Take the CCST Final Exam when you are ready. The passing grade is 90%, so study hard! If you fail the exam you will have to sign up again and take the test again. But, your company will not incur any additional charges.

Certified Cigar Sommelier Tobacconists

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Brown Forman - CCST

BLEND Bar with Davidoff Cigars - CCST

Todd Zisholtz MD - CCST

Marcellas Fine Cigars and Tobaccos - CCST

Jess Peters - CCST

Ambassador Cigars and Spirits - CCST

Legendarysmok - CCST

Fumee Inc - CCST

Soho House - CCST

Hotel Grande Bretagne - CCST

Paps Cigar Co - CCST

Wendy D. Dunn Wine Education - CCST

Suero Cigars - CCST

Chaloner and Co. - CCST

Liquid Vessel - CCST

King George Hotel - CCST

The Bespoke Company - CCST

Mesa Cigar Lounge - CCST

Blanc a Rouge - CCST

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Tobacconist Tip
in order for people to perceive (sense) a substance through taste or smell, it must be present in sufficient concentrations, Individual sensitivity will vary for everyone, and there is no limit to personal preferences. An absolute threshold is the smallest concentration of a substance that can be detected by our sense; like one puff of smoke in room may be the minimum amount for someone to detect the tobacco aroma. the terminal threshold is the extreme point of saturation where the addition of more stimuli will not yield any more sensation-for example, if ten are smoking cigars in a room, the eleventh cigar will not change what you smell. Somewhere between these two extremes lies a pleasurable experience. These sensory thresholds are different for everybody. So, a tobacco that is too mild for some can be perfect for another. And, one man's pleasant spices is another man's fire.

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