Tobacconist University
Code of Ethics & Standards

Code of Ethics & Standards: Certified Master Tobacconist


The CMT degree is available to all CRT and CST.* Both types of tobacconists must complete a CMT Apprenticeship and make an original academic contribution to TU.

* TU Certification is a privilege you earn, but it can be rescinded without notice for any violation of the Code of Ethics & Standards. TU reserves the right to change the terms and privileges associated with certification at any time and without notice.

Tobacconist Tip
We use our sense of smell constantly, always checking the air for pollutants, danger and every other possible stimulus. Our arousal to smell is strongest when we first perceive it. We naturally become desensitized after a few minutes of exposure so we can detect changes in our environment; this process is called Sensory Adaptation. This process is exemplified by the strong smell of tobacco we sense when we enter a retail tobacconist and how that diminishes after a few minutes.


Certfied Consumer Tobacconist (CCT)
Certified Retail Tobacconist (CRT)
Certified Salesforce Tobacconist (CST)
Certified Master Tobacconist (CMT)
Certified Cigar Sommelier Tobacconist (CCST)

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